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The Westchester Public Improvement District (PID) is the first created in Grand Prairie Texas.  The PID is different and separate from the Westchester Association of Home Owners.   The Westchester PID includes some commercial property as well as other Home Owners Associations.    See Map

The PID by a special assessment provides funding for the maintenance and repair of common or public areas in our community.   These services are above what the city would typically provide with enhanced services to maintain landscape including general maintenance as well as, entry features, signage, irrigation, perimeter fences and more.  The PID has a citizen oversight committee (advisory board) comprised of volunteers.

The all-volunteer advisory board works with the Management Company, vendors and city to review the operations and maintenance budget.  The advisory board is required to maintain a five (5) year plan with annual updates to the operational budget.    The City Council must hold an annual public hearing to review the proposed budget and set the assessment rates required to fund the budget for the landscape improvements and maintenance functions along right-of-ways, landscape irrigation services, maintenance of common property decorative fencing, sign maintenance, funding decorative street lighting, and park and playground maintenance services

The advisory board also host open meetings to review projects, contracts, the budget and financial reports as well as host a citizen forum. We encourage you to attend meetings and perhaps volunteer for an opening on the PID Advisory Board. For more information contact one of these current board members or visit the PID


PID Advisory Board: 

President - Gary LaGray
Vice President - Rodney Anderson
Secretary/Treasure - Dave Lester


Other contacts are:
Management Company

Vision Communities Management, Plano Tx.

Amber Anderson  972/612-2303-x3154



Lee Harriss, City of Grand Prairie, Texas
972 - 237 - 8091