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WAHO President's Letter For July
Westchester Homeowners,
The Westchester Community has a great past, present and future. We want your experience in Westchester and surrounding areas to be positively memorable. As a friendly reminder, Westchester is a covenanted and deed restricted community. All homeowners/renters that reside in Westchester must abide by all of the mandatory deed restrictions. The Westchester Association of Homeowners will continue to enforce mandatory deed restrictions along with city code violations. As a resident of Westchester, we need you to become more involved in the cleanliness of our neighborhood. Take the initiative in calling city code enforcement @ 972-237-8041 to report any code violations. The Westchester Community would not be the community we are today without the dedication, passion and vision of the PID(public improvement district), WAHO Board of Director's and chairperson's. May we continue to assure the beauty, safety and stability of the neighborhood by attending city council meetings; planning & zoning meetings; PID meetings; school board meetings; etc. 
Quote of the Month: " When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too "
John E. Stewart


Westchester Association of Homeowners Grand Prairie Texas

Welcome to Westchester Association of Homeowners in Grand Prairie Texas.  We are a Covenant and Deed Restricted Community with a Grand Prairie PID.  WAHO has mandatory Deed Restrictions but with voluntary membership dues.  We would like to extend a warm welcome to all our new members who have joined; we look forward to getting to know you.  If you are interested in participating on a committee, contact a member of the board.

If you know of someone who recently moved in, please alert our Welcome Committee or a member of the board, they will greet the new neighbor with a WAHO Welcome Packet filled with information about the area to help them settle in.  We need everyone to support our HOA by paying their dues so we can support our community in which we all live.

You will find all sorts of information on this website-our newsletters are posted monthly, upcoming events, meeting minutes, etc are posted frequently.  Plus, community links and information that affects Westchester.  Members can post their business on Westchester's List. 

Please take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with our web site.  We have a lot of information here to keep our residents informed!  Please visit often, as this is your main source of WAHO information.  All registered members will receive various notifications directly from us. 

Website Maintained by WAHO Treasurer.

Neighborhood News
 2020 Winners of the Christmas Holiday Lighting Contest are:
1st Place
Darla Wisdom - 4371 Cantrell
2nd Place
Guy Herman - 4371 Newberry
3rd Place
Robin Sparks - 4424 Sierra
Matt & Vici - 4304 Stephen
Charles Gonzales - 4534 Chase
Brent & Elise Eckhout - 550 Winston
( Go out and look at these homes.  The photos do not do them justice)
2019 Winners of the Christmas Holiday Lighting Contest are:
1st Place
Brett & Melanie Hartsell - 4367 Columbia
2nd Place
Guy & Linda Herman - 4424 Newberry
3rd Place
Stretch & Geneva Rideaux - 503 Cooper
Honorable Mentions
Brent & Elisa Eckhout - 550 Winston
Joyce Gray - 545 Edgeview
Stella Lainez - 438 Newberry
(Go to PHOTO'S then to 2019 Holiday Lighting to see the photo of each winner)
The winners of the 2018 Holiday Christmas Lights are:
1st Place
Darla Wisdom - 4371 Cantrell
2nd Place
Larry & Brenda Skinner - 4213 Salem
3rd Place
Andy & Robin Parks - 4424 Sierra

The area off S. Carrier and Polo Road is moving along (Where Charter School was going to be.)  Westchester will have 2 types of Senior Living.  55+ and Assisted Living.  There is a real need for this type of housing.  A perfect fit for us in Westchester.
Mariposa at Westchester will have a 55+ Senior Living that will have 93 apartment type homes that will be all inclusive for the residents.   
Mayberry Gardens has been completed and is now open. The facility is assisted Living and they will have some memory care availability.  This also is around 100 residents.
We believe there is a real need for senior living in GP.  So many of our residents in Westchester have to sell their home because a spouse passes away, they are retired and can no longer afford the upkeep and taxes.  But when they go and try to find something, there is nothing.  We have 2 other senior living communities in GP but both are full with a waiting list.  There are a lot of areas that they could live where they do not feel as safe as they did in Westchester.
We want our aging seniors who want to stay in Westchester to be able to stay in Westchester and continue be a part of our community. We want them to be able do so and more importantly to stay safe and feel secure as they have for so many years.

Westchester will be getting another retail area in our community.  The HOA's in Westchester have worked with the developer on retail at the corner of Polo and S. Carrier, next to the fire station.  Plans go to P&Z in August.  We have asked for outdoor seating like for a coffee house, etc...  Details will come later after the approval process from the City.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Rosemary Reed at 469-600-9075 or reedrosemary@sbcglobal.net.



For more information on events, call:

Grand Prairie Police Newsroom

WAHO Administration
A description of WAHO Officers:
  • President- Presides at executive board and general member meetings and performs all functions assigned by the executive board. Acts as tie breaker on votes. Maintains PO Box.
  • Vice President- Assists President. Assumes duties if President cannot continue. Supervises permanent committees.
  • Secretary- Keeps both hard copy and digital minutes and results of all meetings. Maintains a file of votes and correspondence.
  • Treasurer- Deposits and disperses WAHO funds and maintains financial reports as directed by the executive board.
  • Permanent Committees: Public relations, city council liaison, new membership, crime watch, developer\builder liaison, deed restrictions, community affairs, and PID representative.
For more detail on WAHO administration and all current association bylaws, please click here.

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