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Crime Stoppers

If you have information relative to a crime, you can call 972- 988 -TIPS (8477) with information. Your call is received and is automatically forwarded to a call center. The operator there will take all the information, enter it into a computer database and at the same time give you an ID number. DON'T lose that number. If you do, you will lose your connection to the case. Since that is the only way to identify the case, we will not be able to follow up with any other information. You can then use that number to contact our Crime Stoppers Coordinator if you have additional information you'd like to add to the investigation.
Once our Police Coordinator receives the tip from the database, it will be forwarded to the appropriate investigative unit who will work that particular case. As progress is made, it will be noted to the file and you can check the status of the case by using your ID number. Once the case is solved, a community based civilian board of directors will discuss the payment amount for each particular tip and award a reward amount up to $1000.00. Once a cash reward is approved, the next time you follow-up on your tip, you will be given another unique private ID number and instructed how to receive your reward. All you have to do is go to a prearranged bank, give the teller (in the drive through) your reward ID number, and they will in turn give you your CASH reward this is all done anonymously.
Because of the use of unique ID numbers and the fact that there is no collection of personal information, it is virtually impossible to trace where the tip came from. Secondly, Texas Government code (414.008) protects the information given to Crime Stoppers, making it privileged and ensuring your anonymity.
It is also important to understand that Crime Stoppers of Grand Prairie, Inc. is a non-profit entity . The board of directors does not conduct any investigation work. The Grand Prairie Police Department assigns us an Police Coordinator who receives the tips through the database  If the tip helps solve a crime, we then pay out a reward for that information. Because we are a non-profit agency, The Crime Commission of Grand Prairie, Inc. is always in need of your support. If you'd like to send in a tax-deductible donation to help with the fight against crime, you can do so by sending in your donation to Crime Commission of Grand Prairie, Inc. PO Box 530243, Grand Prairie, TX 75053.
How is Crime Stoppers of Grand Prairie, Inc. funded? We operate completely from probation fees, donations and grants. Our primary funding base comes from probation fees for cases filed in Dallas and Tarrant County by the Grand Prairie Police Department, from the citizens in the form of membership fees, and business donations. The Grand Prairie Crime Stoppers Program is governed by The Grand Prairie Crime Commission. NO salaries or Rent come out of our budget. We are a 501 C3 Non Profit Volunteer Organization.
Crime Commission of Grand Prairie, Inc.
PO Box 530243
Grand Prairie, TX 75053
If you would be interested in joining the CRIME STOPPERS organization in the fight against crime in our city, please contact a board member for an application or visit the website.  You can also come to the monthly meeting at the Public Safety Building at 1525 Arkansas Lane in the community room on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 12:00 noon. 
972-988-TIPS (8477)